A data loss incident is the worst-case scenario for many organizations.  As so much business data becomes digital, losing that data becomes a scarier and scarier prospect. So how do you protect the lifeblood of your work? Keep reading to learn how one of Mytech’s clients protected themselves from a hardware failure with our robust disaster recovery methods.


“We pushed back”

By the time Leif joined this technology and equipment leasing provider almost two decades ago, the company was already using Mytech Partners for its IT support. Mytech had even installed the office’s first server! And as VP of Finance, Leif had several conversations with Mytech about making further upgrades to that early infrastructure.

"Early on we were very cost conscious. The owner didn’t want to over-commit financially, and we had some pretty strong back-and-forth with Mytech about costs and service. We were still doing tape backups, and when Mytech advocated for remote backups we pushed back. Mytech didn’t really want to do [on-site backups alone]. It adds uncertainty and stress, and if there had ever been a hardware issue, it would’ve been a disaster…and we were close to one, several times.” 

“We look out for each other”

After some near misses over the years and a little more back-and-forth, Leif's organization agreed to invest further in Mytech’s managed IT services, seeing the value in solutions like issue monitoring tools and remote data backups – and those very tools would come in handy very soon.

In spring of this past year, the organization experienced a hardware failure on a Friday night that took their server down just after the work week had ended. Thankfully, server monitoring tools managed by Mytech caught this issue immediately, which meant recovery could happen right away instead of Sunday night during someone’s pre-week prep…or worse, on Monday morning when staff walked into the building and couldn’t log in.

Leif was out of town and in no position to manage a data disaster recovery scenario. But thankfully, there wasn’t much that the organization even had to do–because Mytech was on the case.

“Mytech sent someone out, over the weekend. They did everything – the only thing our team had to do was be there to let them in. They handled the replacement hardware, the data backup restoration, the configurations. Mytech even played hardball with our vendor to force them to honor a deadline to keep things moving.

They took us from a complete hardware failure back to running perfectly, in zero business hours.”


“An opportunity to structure something new.”

With firsthand experience of that peace of mind, this leasing provider is now investing even further in their IT solutions through Mytech. By adding further cloud solutions and safeguards, they’re improving both their efficiency and their resilience against future emergencies – and getting more out of their investments.

“We’re subscribed to Mytech’s full solution and we’ve been successful. We have a good relationship and are able to use [Mytech] whenever we need to. The relationship works well, and we work well together.

“I’m excited about our upcoming SharePoint migration – that will allow us to do a lot more. It’s an opportunity to take a step back and look at all the processes and procedures we’re doing, and use the available tools from Microsoft and Mytech to structure something new. We’ll be able to develop a lot of efficiencies so we can stop the ‘hamster on the wheel’ that we’re doing.”


*We have redacted the client's name for security purposes.  To obtain a copy of the full case study with the client's name and contact information, please fill out the form.