Cloud migration is a hot topic these days, and organizations are increasingly seeing the benefits of making the move. But there’s a whole lot of logistics involved, and the work required to execute a migration can be beyond daunting.

For Charles, Principal & CEO of a local registered investment advisory firm, that project was a big, complicated prospect when they began planning it with Mytech Partners in fall of 2020. But he absolutely saw the need for it.

“Pre-migration, we had issues frequently. The server would stall overnight, it would need rebooting, you’d need to do this or that to get things back on track. All these hardware issues, access issues, you name it. And then you’d need office space to keep it all running, to have space for everyone’s equipment…we knew moving to cloud would give us the flexibility we needed.”

“Everyone was a little worried”

But even though Charles saw the value of a cloud migration, it would take a lot of effort to achieve that goal. There would be many technology questions for their organization to navigate, but at least Mytech Partners could help with that. A trickier part was getting his team onboard with the changes.

“Everyone was a little worried about access. Are we going to have more onerous security requirements, is logging on going to be an annoyance every time? If we’re working at home with laptops, what does that even look like, and how safe is it? Employees complained at first. We had to show them the value of these new cloud-based tools.”

And as it turned out, that value was apparent from day one.

“The cloud transition was seamless – we had zero issues. Everyone was worried beforehand but there hasn’t been a single complaint post-implementation. We’ve got 10x more [productivity] than  we used to have, but it’s easier to use too. It’s become way less intrusive…if anything, our team isn’t used to it being this straightforward. We’re a lot more efficient, collaboration is easier. The whole setup is more user-friendly.”

“Our server downtime has vanished, too. We used to have manual reboots all the time with our server…but now? I don’t think we’ve had an offline moment in two years. We scheduled a security review for a day and a half, and we were done in three hours. Our solutions are so modern, it makes everything just so much easier.

“Next year will be one of the best years we've ever had”

With the cloud migration complete, Charles is already seeing returns on the investment, and how it amplifies his partnership with Mytech – and he’s excited for how his organizaton will build further on that foundation in the years to come.

“We’ll be growing our practice with this new infrastructure. We can do things with this database, with Power BI, that we never could’ve before. We’re growing as a business while hybrid, virtual, flexible. Next year will be one of the best years we’ve ever had. It’s easy to look back and see how [the cloud migration] has done that.

“If we could’ve done this two years earlier, I’d do it. Anyone’s asking my advice, I’d say do it now. One hundred percent.”


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