2021 Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day Vulnerability

Every server we've investigated was still at risk. We can help. 

The Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day threat is different and more dangerous than any other we’ve encountered.   Even if your IT team has patched your Exchange Server, malicious backdoor code may have already been installed to enable future exploits.

The Microsoft released patch does NOT remove those backdoors.  

Why is this so dangerous?

The Microsoft patch is not guaranteed to apply correctly, the bad actors had a head start, and the complexity of these servers makes detection difficult. Even if the patch was successfully applied, theres still a 1in5 chance that malicious code infected your servers before the patch was released. And if you DID NOT apply the patch immediately, you are almost certainly compromised 

Why isn't the patch enough?

Identify, Remediate, and Resolve the Threat

Most Managed Services Providers and Internal IT Teams do not have the security tools available to them to catch the IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) that may still reside on your on-premises Exchange Server. 

Even if your team has already deployed the Microsoft patch, you may still be vulnerable. We can quickly validate whether or not your Exchange Server is vulnerable to this exploit.

External Scan
We'll validate whether your Exchange Server is vulnerable to this threat or not.
Technical Review
We'll perform a preliminary Technical Review to uncover known Indicators of Compromise (IOCs).
Deep Security Scan
Our team will then do a deeper scan to uncover existing malicious footholds or backdoors.
We will review the findings with you and make any recommendations for next steps depending on whether your Exchange Server was successfully patched, and/or if IOCs were identified.

3rd-Party Validation within hours!

We can provide preliminary validation within one business day, and a deeper analysis within 24 – 48 hours to validate whether your Exchange Server and all your corporate email and attachments are exposed.  

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