53884414_2055862591379912_8397673520611820399_n-1It was March 2020, and organizations across the globe were scrambling. With barely any warning, public health mandates had necessitated remote work for millions of employees – from law firms, to call centers, to corporate offices, to the smallest nonprofit organizations.

A local wildlife rehab facility* faced unique challenges. With two dozen staff and over 500 volunteers to manage, the facility needed to quickly and efficiently take its entire admin operation remote – all without compromising on care for any of its 15,000 annual patients!

That remote migration fell to Tami, their Communications Director (and de facto IT decision-maker). It was a stressful time, and she’d heard numerous examples of other organizations muddling through their remote transitions. An acquaintance described their company having no plan whatsoever: no backups, no laptops, no remote access infrastructure, and 60 employees sitting on their hands with no access to the server.

Investing in Adaptability

Meanwhile, Tami was handling plenty of emergencies…but the organization’s remote capabilities weren’t among them:

I didn’t have any concerns at all. We’d already been using remote access, and everyone was trained on it. Mytech had created that system long ago, and had ensured we had access to both our admin server and our medical server. So with everything I had to do with COVID, I never once had to worry about technology.

By planning ahead, and giving staff and volunteers flexibility to access what they needed from anywhere, Tami’s decisions had made a full-scale remote transition simple and painless! Although other organizations (bigger and smaller) struggled for months to acquire laptops and network access solutions, the wildlife facility* team members experienced the benefit of that adaptability: they simply packed up and went home for the weekend, and stayed home for as long as they needed.



A Strong IT Foundation

Tami credits the ease of that remote migration to her multiple years of work collaborating with Mytech Partners, building the groundwork necessary for their team to work from anywhere – home or office – efficiently and securely.

“We never missed a beat. Not even a little blip. And that’s because we set up our foundation and infrastructure so well. Before we partnered with Mytech, that was a different story: our servers were ancient, our PCs weren’t connected. We didn’t even have Wi-Fi in the building! Nowadays, we’re far more advanced. Our partnership with Mytech allowed us to build our infrastructure.”

Throughout the lockdown, the wildlife facility* kept things running smoothly. Its volunteers, staff, and vets continued to help thousands of injured animals, both on-site and remotely. And thanks to investments and careful planning from Tami and the rest of the team, the wildlife facility* navigated the pandemic without a single outbreak in the building! For Tami, it was the ultimate payoff after years of knowing and working with her IT partner.

“Mytech has the big picture for our organization in mind…every time I ask a question or propose a change, they’re able to quickly explain how it would affect all of our systems. That explanation helps me understand what we’re capable of, and brainstorm new ways to use our technology.

Mytech doesn’t just fix our problems: they’re invested in us, in what we do. They’ve been consultative from Day One. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.”



*We have redacted the client's name for security purposes.  To obtain a copy of the full case study with the client's name and contact information, please fill out the form. 


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